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Silvia  Whiteto
Asst. Director
Player Recruiter

Head Coach  14's Team

This is my sixth year coaching for Thunder. I am from Colombia and have been living and studying in the United States for 6 years. I've been a volleyball player for 19 years of my life so you can say it is in my blood. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to play for my country's national team in Colombia. I've played in many international events including a World Championship.This experience introduced me to players all around the world and given me lifelong friendships.  Playing experience: Miami Dade college 2013-2015 and Florida National University 2016-2018. During my time at FNU, I earned the following awards: Hall of fame 2017, female athlete of the year 2017, and player of the year award 2017. I recently graduated from FNU with my degree in natural sciences. I’ve been a coach of Miami Select and South Dade club. During summer camps, I helped coach Kiko Benoit, Miami Dade College Head Coach, mentor Miami Dade players. I've given many private lessons to kids in 13-18 national teams for many clubs in Miami. I would love to continue to share my experiences and knowledge with the youth.

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